How to submit app for review?

Whenever we talk about downloading apps, the first thing that comes into our mind are reviews. Reviews, yes. Whenever we are about to download some app, we usually look out for their rating and reviews and accordingly decide which app to use. When it comes to developers, everyone wants their app to be a market changer and be the one app with most downloads. Many organizations try different marketing strategies, but the one thing that always decide how your app is gonna perform is by your app reviews. Today, we will give you some tips on how to apply for an app review and how to effectively manage good reviews for your app money earn app - Tech Forum And Community

Where to submit: 

There are many websites where you can apply for reviews. All you need to do is report your app and rest work is done by the people sitting behind these websites. Through them, you can get reviews for your app which can help your app to gain better ratings and hence increase your app downloads. Here are some of the websites where you can submit your app for review: The reviewers use your apps and give you the real life performance of your apps. There are two levels to this. One, you get to know whether your app has the potential to perform good in the market and number two, you can know what all aspects of the app you need to work on to make it a market phenomenon. Now, before you jump ahead into submitting your apps, you need to keep on with this article. Submitting the app alone is not enough to get reviews. Here are some of the things that you should keep in mind before you start with submissions.

The Right Information: 

Being a developer, you know a lot about your app. Practically everything. But when it comes to getting purchases right, you need not tell everything about your app. Information is good as long as it is interesting. You need not tell your users about all those lengthy codes that you wrote or how that app came into being. Users are not interested in that. While submitting an app, make sure you submit all the right information about the app. Reviewers look for company details, app information and specs and the link to app page. Ensure that you have them posted before submitting your app. You might want to enter every tiny bit of specification that you want to say, but trust us. That’s not how it should be. Keep things precise and on point. Make a bullet list of all the features you want users to know. Provide on point details about your app and keep it simple and complete. You don’t want to bore your readers after all. By keeping things precise, you are keeping the readers interested and meanwhile presenting every thing you want to say. What better way to keep your audience involved than a nice video. We recommend you create a well defined and visually involving video of your app. Adding a video gives a new dimension to your marketing strategy. Simply include a small walkthrough of your app and keep it as precise as possible. Don’t miss a chance to show off. This will make you look professional and stand out from the crowd. Plus hey, everyone loves entertainment.