App Store Optimization: App Name subtitle and keywords.

The rivalry is more impressive today than it has ever been. In the App Store, there are around 2 million games, so App Store Optimization Consultant We may reasonably conclude that an app for everything and everyone exists.” If the overall number of apps in the App Store has decreased over the past few years due to new specifications and expectations of OS compatibility, the quality of apps in the store has improved significantly, making it much more difficult to stand out and because of that reason App Store Optimization Consultant required.

Yet, you’re probably on the right road to success if your app provides something fresh and disruptive or solves a problem in a straightforward and meaningful way.  Building a solid app marketing campaign and putting together appropriate promotional campaigns is what matters now. Did you know that the first place where people come to download software is the App Store? In reality, approximately 70% of visitors to the app store use search to find new apps and over 65% of apps are downloaded directly after a store search (this includes brand search).

ASO is like SEO, except for applications that are mobile. It is the process of improving the popularity of an app in the app stores by optimizing a collection of different factors that influence the algorithm of the store ranking. As part of your acquisition and conversion tools, ASO should have a prominent emphasis on your mobile growth stack, considering the high level of competition and the value of app discoverability. 

Naturally, by making your app more noticeable and being at the top of the search results (at least the top 10), you can increase the number of users of your app and increase your user base in a cost-effective way.


Consequently, App Store Optimization (ASO) plays a major role in user acquisition, as demonstrated by Andy Carvell’s Mobile Growth Stack (Phiture)  .Perhaps the most critical aspect of ASO is keyword analysis. The Apple App Store’s algorithm mainly uses keywords from the title and subtitle of the app to rate applications for unique search queries. From the App Store Link Keyword Field (100-character keyword set), the algorithm also takes keywords to index applications.

The algorithm takes into account other elements (such as installations, transaction rates, feedback & ratings, etc to make a proper ranking on apps targeting the same keywords in the app store, so in this case App Store Optimization service is very beneficial.


The reduction of the app name length to 30 characters, along with the introduction of the app subtitles, was one of the most important changes. Using very strong and descriptive keywords that will fit specific search queries is the best way to optimize your app subtitles. In your app name or app keyword field, do not repeat keywords already used as they will only be taken into account once.