How to submit app for review?

Whenever we talk about downloading apps, the first thing that comes into our mind are reviews. Reviews, yes. Whenever we are about to download some app, we usually look out for their rating and reviews and accordingly decide which app to use. When it comes to developers, everyone wants their app to be a market changer and be the one app with most downloads. Many organizations try different marketing strategies, but the one thing that always decide how your app is gonna perform is by your app reviews. Today, we will give you some tips on how to apply for an app review and how to effectively manage good reviews for your app money earn app - Tech Forum And Community

Where to submit: 

There are many websites where you can apply for reviews. All you need to do is report your app and rest work is done by the people sitting behind these websites. Through them, you can get reviews for your app which can help your app to gain better ratings and hence increase your app downloads. Here are some of the websites where you can submit your app for review: The reviewers use your apps and give you the real life performance of your apps. There are two levels to this. One, you get to know whether your app has the potential to perform good in the market and number two, you can know what all aspects of the app you need to work on to make it a market phenomenon. Now, before you jump ahead into submitting your apps, you need to keep on with this article. Submitting the app alone is not enough to get reviews. Here are some of the things that you should keep in mind before you start with submissions.

The Right Information: 

Being a developer, you know a lot about your app. Practically everything. But when it comes to getting purchases right, you need not tell everything about your app. Information is good as long as it is interesting. You need not tell your users about all those lengthy codes that you wrote or how that app came into being. Users are not interested in that. While submitting an app, make sure you submit all the right information about the app. Reviewers look for company details, app information and specs and the link to app page. Ensure that you have them posted before submitting your app. You might want to enter every tiny bit of specification that you want to say, but trust us. That’s not how it should be. Keep things precise and on point. Make a bullet list of all the features you want users to know. Provide on point details about your app and keep it simple and complete. You don’t want to bore your readers after all. By keeping things precise, you are keeping the readers interested and meanwhile presenting every thing you want to say. What better way to keep your audience involved than a nice video. We recommend you create a well defined and visually involving video of your app. Adding a video gives a new dimension to your marketing strategy. Simply include a small walkthrough of your app and keep it as precise as possible. Don’t miss a chance to show off. This will make you look professional and stand out from the crowd. Plus hey, everyone loves entertainment. 

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The worst befalls…How to escape your app getting banned by play store!

All things considered, once in a while anticipation is superior to fix. Imagine a scenario where the application you made just quits living even before your fantasy works out as expected. The most noticeably terrible bad dream may happen to out of essentially no place. You may attempt to legitimize however without much of any result, maybe nothing could be as more regrettable as what had simply occurred. Be that as it may, pause!!! Has anything occurred at this point. No. Not in any manner. So why give an opportunity. Here we are going to manage conditions that one may ask not to experience, and the prescriptions for fix on the off chance that one coincidentally experiences. Google, doesn’t generally empower fake promoting and related stuffs. So whenever, google is at its freedom to boycott the application you simply settled whenever with no preconditions or replies. Along these lines, it would be very sheltered with respect to the maker to comprehend certain phrasings and conditions before embraced any kind of online hazard aso companies in india

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Introduction to the dangers… 

It is very prominent that google play store doesn’t pre-analyze or for all intents and purposes meet the applications before selecting them a spot in the store. Nonetheless, Google is a post handling chief. Subsequent to transferring it goes to the dismissal time frame. Google will filter for all arrangement infringement once the application has finished with its advertising and foundation strategy. It will tell designers which on denying will, completely go into stopping the application puzzle into a lasting history on the App Store. The engineers will be on a sheltered side if and just in the event that they keep from missing the subtleties of the intricate google strategy manual. There are very continuous changes in the manuals which the application engineers must bring into their moment notice sheets top app store optimization company

before experiencing any potential accidents.Be brilliant enough not to incorporate client application audits while introducing a depiction of your application. Try not to be sufficiently brilliant to contrast your applications and others. This may bring forth undesirable inconsistencies in your first or presumably the last experience with google. Try not to attempt to act client to your own application. I intend to state don’t post application connects in another application for audit as though you were the client. This will be supreme inconvenient to your own benefits.So, it would be quite safe on the part of the creator to understand certain terminologies and conditions before 

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Importance of Organic App Marketing to Drive Traffic to Your App

Every developer comes into the app market with that huge impression that his/her app will do great and get a high number of rankings and downloads. The total work of the app doesn’t end with just the creation of the app. Every app is created at its best, but if it is not marketed well, it is bound to fail no matter how advanced the app is among all the other app. Because in today’s accelerated advancement of technology anyone can create an app and upload it to the app stores, the real challenge is what comes next. The next step after developing an app is app marketing like buy ios app reviews, this part can be very tricky but gets easy with the right set of tools.

Here are a few tools that guide you in proper app marketing:

Organic App Marketing

There are several cost-effective methods of driving traffic of users to your app in order to increase downloads. Organic methods come in handy for app marketers who are low on the marketing budget. Some of the organic ways you can use to offer insights on your app and drive traffic of new user include,

App Store Optimization:

ASO is the process that specializes in getting your app rank higher on app store rankings. This helps users to see your app easily whenever they are in for a hunt of apps in app stores. ASO is what people do when they offer you to buy iOS ratings and android ratings. There are so many ways app store optimization can be achieved, let me brief you with the same:

Keyword optimization: Keywords are the baits used by users to catch your app, in other words, keywords help in presenting the right app that a user is searching for in the search field of app stores. Using keywords is one of the essential factors to consider in search optimization. The keywords are to be used in strategic places such as titles, app name, description, this makes your app visible at the top whenever users search for the certain keyword your app is familiar with. Keyword placing must be done very carefully as it can hurt your app ranking and brand name.

Appeal optimization: As we all know, everybody judges just by looking at the cover. It has been a practice for a long time and always will be because the first impression lasts long and is considered to be the best impression. The elements that are visible to users on their first meeting of your app are the elements that come under appeal optimization. These can include the design of the app icon, screenshots, and preview videos. These are the factors that help users to get to know about your app before they install them, make sure they give out the best impression about your app.

Building a Website:

Your website can be an excellent source of app installs. You can easily build a website for your mobile app where you can share all the information about your app. The website can be a great platform to present your app videos describing well about your app functions. You can also upload screenshots with a clear description of your app. Using a website to drive traffic to your app is an effective way of increasing new users. With the successful development of the website, helps to increase the value of your brand name. Most users trust the brand with high popularity. Linking your app to your website helps your app’s trustworthiness. It increases the number of user acquisition.

Social Media:

Social media plays a very significant role in driving users to your app, as we all know half the population of the world uses social media in their day to day life. Therefore it offers a good platform to enhance the visibility of your app. It also helps you by giving great insight into prospective users while your app marketing is in progress. It is very easy to share information about your application on these platforms. You have to create a page and keep the page active by posting regularly. All the posts must be related to your app and must balance between entertaining and giving information about your app.

The success of an app after it is live on app stores mainly depend on using the best mobile app strategies. Therefore it has to be done right, without any mistakes or whatsoever. You can experiment with various strategies of app marketing such as getting paid app reviews for your apps. You can buy android and iOS ratings from a trusted company. This way you can drive more traffic to your app day by day and focus on the high success rate of your app.

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Fabulous Galley Kitchen Design with Minimalist Style

Kitchen galley design
 with a minimalist design is popular nowadays. Many people love the minimalist design because of the growing world minimalist home architecture, the better and more modern. But how to organise a kitchen with a narrow size could be better? And what if we set no small kitchen appliances? Don’t worry about that, it can be made more attractive and nice. And also do not be concerned with arranging many kitchen set appliances.

For the kitchen with a minimalist design there are many ways to organize and decorate the room. Lots of kitchen galley design decorations that can help us to arrange the room narrow kitchen. There are many creative ideas so that your kitchen looks more attractive and nice size. There is a few tips for you to set it, one of which is selecting the right furniture, for example, choose a high cabinets that does not need a lot of space, and can accommodate more kitchen equipment. Besides to choosing the right furniture, you can eliminate the barriers between cooking and dining room to impress more. By removing the bulkhead in the kitchen, it will look more spacious than usual. With some of the ways you can apply to set up a minimalist kitchen decor.

There are many advantages that we can get in the minimalist kitchen. First is the space for the activity in the kitchen. With a minimalist kitchen, we are not doing much to take kitchen equipment and ingredients in cooking, because of the close distance to take the cooking equipment. In preparing food in the dining room was not necessary tired because there is no bulkhead between the kitchen and dining room. Secondly, the room becomes simpler, because the kitchen equipment is stored in a cupboard that has a lot of capacity. And the more it looks neat and pleasant to look at. They could be some inspiration that we could get from kitchen galley design.

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Ultimate App Marketing Strategy to Improve App Downloads

The mobile app market has turned into a significant part of our lives, and the main force behind many significant organizations currently comes through mobile app technology. Facing a huge competition, it’s essential that you find innovative methods for mobile app promotion to make your app stand out.

You can’t just rely on word of mouth and wait for your app to get famous. You have to come up with an effective strategy for marketing your app. You need to understand and explore the mobile marketplace and use the right marketing techniques to get people to use your app and app marketing company .

Let us see what are some tips to improve the app store optimization:

App Store Optimization

We are all familiar that ASO is the process of optimizing an app in order to increase its visibility in the app stores. It also helps conversion rates and boosts organic installs. ASO is basically concentrated on traffic and on CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization). The more traffic your app has and the higher your conversion rate is, the more organic installs you get. This is how you get organic installs. ASO helps in getting your app discovered.

In many ways, ASO is very similar to web SEO (Search Engine Optimization), but web paid campaigns don’t impact SEO, while paid mobile user acquisition campaigns have a direct impact in ASO. When you run paid campaigns, keywords and top charts rankings of your app improve and also visibility increases, so organic install volume increases as well. There’s an immediate relation between organic and non-organic installs: organic uplift.

Benefits of ASO:

  • ASO will increase the app sales and help in marketing it really well.
  • Improves your App’s discoverability.
  • Your app will get a wide range of exposure that will increase app ranking through recommendations in category and sub-category.
  • With a suitable icon and informative screenshots, it will help in branding, increase conversion and rapid app comprehension.

Research Your Targrt Audience

Everything starts with having a keen idea of: for who your application is intended to. If you don’t have any thought who should benefit most from using your app, how will the users know about your app in order to use it? You ought to be clear about your intended target audience and pay attention on your marketing strategies toward them.

Know your insights. Their age, their lifestyle, their methods for overseeing the budget, their likes, and dislikes, whatever different elements that allow you to understand the user interests and problems.

Keep an Eye on your Competitors

You always have to keep track of what your competitors are onto and see what has worked for them and what hasn’t. Regardless of what sort of app you have, there is most likely an app like yours. Usually, this makes your potential users puzzled since they don’t see any difference between the similar apps, which implies that you have to persuade them to your app. Now, you have to give them a little push towards your app by improving some visual elements of your app and top aso company .

Optimize Your App Store/Play Store Page

It is important that you have a attractive app store page. Think creatively about your title, change your app’s description to make it both professional and compelling description of your app functions. Think about an interactive, convincing icon. Use screenshots that help in selling your app by showing what exactly they are gonna see inside your app. Invest all your energy on every one of these elements since they can have the effect between a spur of the moment purchase and proceeding onward to install your app .

Social Media Marketing

At the end of the day, this technique is equivalent to the process of app promotion. Promoting your application in some popular social media, like Facebook, Instagram. Likewise, you can put your application interface in some important gatherings to drive more downloads.

If you want to stand out from the crowd, your first goal is designing a unique product that has a clear value. Spend some time conceptualizing and developing your app and don’t rush it – do not upload your app or game to the stores if you are not 100% sure that your product is flawless and start marketing accordingly. You have to co-operate with s trusted ASO company. If you have enough budget but limited time and energy, you have to choose ASO and get best app store optimization services in order to improve your app.

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Backyard Water Features to give you Impression of Nature at Home

Backyard water features will make your backyard to have a beautiful view especially for those of you who like the beauty of nature to be done for the yard of your home. They could be divided into three different types, which are simple, modern and streamlined that have differences in their shapes and usability. The simple shape is done without consuming too much space or places on your backyard. This particular model is suitable for you who live in urban areas with more of a limited space for the yard of the home. You could easily create a small pond and fountain that could irrigate the pond itself or a stand-alone fountain in your backyard.

Another type of backyard water features that could be done in form of a medium type and shape might be a waterfall for your backyard. If you have a pool or pond, the waterfall can be the source of irrigation for them with the unique shape and bigger size that you could do especially if you have the space for it. Not only that, you could actually build the waterfall to be mounted on the walls of your home whether on the inside or the outside of the house. If you don’t have too much of a space for the backyard of your home, you do not need to build a big pond for the waterfall and just big enough to have the space for water to fall inside it.

If you love modern art to be combined to each element of your home, this could also work for the water feature that you are creating for the backyard of your home. Beautiful garden could also be done surrounding your waterfall, but again you will need to have enough free space in your yard to be able to do this. Backyard water features could definitely be done with different techniques and methods depending on the budget that you have. Combining a pond, waterfall and fountain can easily be done if you have the space for them and also the budget to build them.

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Designing your Living Room Layout Ideas

Living room layout ideas is an important thing for your guests’ sense. But it is depending on your choosing of the idea and themes. You don’t want your guests feel uncomfortable in your living room when you both are chatting. The layout ideas have lot of variant to choose. For example, they are modern, sophisticated, simple, futuristic, or traditional themes. The chosen one of them is according to how to you placed and choose the furniture sets. The additional things such as living room accessories are important too to adorn your living room. These are two considerations for your living room layout.

If you have a small living room, you might choose some quite little furniture sets but you must place them in a right place. You could choose some little cabinet with model which is according to your style. As example, you could choose some small futuristic or sophisticated model cabinet for your living room. Placed them in the corner or besides the wall of your living room and adjust them until they are good for look. To build better small living room layout ideas, placed a living room sofas which match with your sofas style. Placed a table on the centre of sofas and put some accessories to beautify your living room even more.

It is a different case if you have big size living room, it is because you might follow this idea. You could choose big furniture for your living room. For the sofas, you might place some big of them. Adjust them rightly so that your guests would have a good time and nice hanging with you or the family. You might place a big table on the centre of the sofas that they placed. Don’t forget to add many unique accessories for your best living room layout ideas.

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Attractive Illusion View Mirrored Bedroom Furniture

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Mirrored bedroom furniture
 becomes a trend that is very interesting for those who want a different view in the bedroom. More beautiful appearance could be achieved by implementing this type of furniture. Perhaps, some of you asked how to create a bedroom that is unique and different from the room decoration in general and also how to not get bored with the monotone decorations. All the questions and your desire to change a boring room into a cool and different from others and more innovative than the previous décor could be done by adding this unique furniture. So you have a special bedroom and certainly make you comfortable to be there.

The bedroom is yet to be completed without something interesting or unique to be placed inside it as a part of its decoration. One thing that you could do to make the appearance of the room to be better is by applying mirrored bedroom furniture design. Other than you could be using the mirror for when you are getting ready before you leave the house, the addition of the mirror on the furniture itself could also make the visual of the room to appear larger and more spacious than it already is. The great illusion that could be displayed by adding mirrors onto your furniture could be something that you could have especially for the bedroom inside your house.

Other than the mirror that is attached to it, you could also add some engraves or carvings on the wood frame of your furniture to add more into the beauty of your room’s decoration. The size and shape of the mirrors that you want to attach to your furniture must be in accordance to the size of the furniture itself. It could easily be attached to a bedroom wardrobe that is tall in its height. Attaching a tall mirror to the door of the wardrobe could easily help you style your clothes or hair in the morning or during the times you are getting ready to get out of the house. Innovative decorations could be gotten by applying modern mirrored bedroom furniture for a more unique display of a bedroom.

Ideas for window treatments for bay windows in a kitchen

Shapes of Window Treatments for Bay Window : Ideas For Window Treatments For Bay Windows In A Kitchen

Window treatments for bay window require different hardware than standard window treatments. The window’s curved dimensions and traditional three-pane design make even the bare bones needed for a basic bay window treatment unique. It’s best to keep things simple. Installing a customized curved track along the contours of your windows gives you complete freedom when picking your blinds afterwards. Choosing a double runner allows you to texture your hanging blinds, maybe try patterned lace on top of a solid cloth runner curtain, and also play with light control. Choose neutral fabrics on the lighter end of the spectrum so they do not overwhelm the room.

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With their graceful sweeping lines and classic appeal, bay windows are a wonderful way to enhance any home. Whether you’ve recently built or renovated your own home, or moved into a new one, you’ll find that your new bay windows will prove to be a hit with family and guests. But shapes of window treatments for bay windows have always been a puzzler for even the most accomplished interior decorators. It would be a shame to settle for the wrong window treatment when you’ve got such a potential design asset already built in.

Bay windows are beautiful features that give unique charm to old homes and attractively decorate modern houses, with natural light and gorgeous views of picturesque surroundings. Rounded, rectangular or polygonal shape brings the outdoor inside rooms, connecting modern interior design with the nature. Bay windows are an architectural treat. They have a graceful feel and let in loads of natural light. Window treatments offer control for this abundance and draw attention to the elegant feature. Corner windows and bow windows are usually standard rectangular window installations. Panels are independent of one another, minimums and maximums apply to each panel for installations of window treatments for bay windows.

Here is foremost info on window treatments for bay windows with window seat. We have the finest assets for window treatments for bay windows with window seat. Check it out for yourself! You can discover Ideas For Window Treatments For Bay Windows In A Kitchen guide and view the latest Shapes of Window Treatments for Bay Window .